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The town of Cephas, Michigan is home to a number of ghostly sites. Abandoned buildings and vehicles dot the landscape as if they were waiting for something – or someone! The residents who once lived there have long since moved on but some may return one day… which makes this former copper mining village worth visiting now before it disappears again into forgotten memories like many other towns that used be fixtures in our history.

Many people do not know about these abandoned places up North where you can find remnants from yesteryear left behind by those who had no choice: Copper Mining Villages (not all still stand). And while we’re at it? Take our word- “Forgotten Memories?” No more!”

As you approach the town, there are literally dozens of vehicles littering the side of the road, including everything from retro cars to massive construction equipment.
This place is massive. Abandoned homes, workshops, and mysterious locked buildings stand on every corner.

Abandoned properties are some of the most interesting places in America. They have a sense that something bad happened there, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is…
Planning to explore an abandoned town? Be sure not trespass! Some ghost towns are public while others may only be accessible with permission from their property owner so please respect everyone’s privacy when exploring these locations regardless if they’re open or closed off for touristic reasons


Michigan is not typically thought of as a ghost town destination, but you will find abandoned communities and buildings throughout the state. One place in particular that should be on your list when traveling through Michigan? The local asylum with its haunting history waiting for visitors to uncover! The local abandoned asylum is doubtlessly one of the scariest places in Michigan, and visitors certainly won’t be surprised to uncover forgotten copper mines.

Are there any hiking trails to abandoned places in Michigan?

Michigan is a state full of surprises, especially if you are enthusiastic about adventure seeking. Hiking to abandoned places is truly thrilling, and one of the best abandoned hikes in the state is along an old railroad trail. As exciting as this may sound, exploring creepy places is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are many epic and diverse hikes awaiting the adventurous visitor. If you’re uncertain of which to take, ask a local! They’re sure to have a suggestion that will quench your appetite for adventure.

What ghost towns can you find in Michigan?

Abandoned places in Michigan are not just for people with an interest in nature. They can be seen as Mother Nature reclaiming her kingdom, so if you find yourself here and love it then take some time to explore what’s waiting for your eyes!  Fayette is a creepy abandoned town that some have found solace in, and it is just one of several ghost towns in the stateWatson is a community that’s nearly abandoned, and it is one of many teeny tiny communities in Michigan. Whether you want quaint and cute or abandoned and creepy, you’ll find the perfect community for you here in Michigan.

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