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The housing market typically slows down in the fall, so if you’re thinking of selling in the near future, it may take a little more effort to stand out from the crowd. Knowing what buyers want and making a few smart updates can help make your home more marketable and improve your selling price. Are you considering a home sale soon? Here’s what potential buyers might be looking for this fall:

Safety Features

You could consider replacing your garage door, installing an alarm system, or repairing your fence. Anything that increases the safety and security of your house is a no-brainer value addition.

Energy-Efficient Enhancements

Making your house more energy-efficient has two advantages: It benefits the environment and lowers utility costs. Most purchasers are glad to pay extra for both.

Plenty of Storage 

Storage is always more expensive than anything else. If you can, add extra storage to your property before putting it on the market, perhaps with a set of garage shelves or a closet system.

Functional Fun

Can you brighten up your abode? This might include adding an outdoor kitchen, creating a movie theater room, or putting up a tiny fire pit in the garden. As we’ve seen over the last several months, outside areas are increasingly important. If you live in a property with an outdoor area, buyers might be drawn to homes that have something fun and unique like an outdoor kitchen or movie theater room. Health-Forward Add Ons Modern housebuyers will want homes with no-touch faucets, mudrooms, air filtration systems and other health and convenience features. Those who already have pets will also want properties with pet doors and areas for feeding and playing!

Health-Forward Add-Ons 

Modern housebuyers will want homes with no-touch faucets, mudrooms, air filtration systems, and other health and convenience features. Those who already have pets will want homes with pet doors and dedicated areas for feeding and playing.

And finally, as a bonus, you could consider adding or upgrading to some Energy Efficient Features

Lowering utility costs isn’t just good for the environment; it’s great news for your bank account too! If you can get energy efficient furnace or air conditioning systems installed before putting your house on the market, many buyers will see that as a plus. Plenty of Storage Space This is something everyone knows they need but never seems to have enough storage space inside their homes. You might consider adding some extra closets or shelves in garages and basements if selling soon.

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