Renovations That Make Your Home (and Household) Healthier

Renovations That Make Your Home (and Household) Healthier

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We spend a lot of time in our homes, and more so over the last year. However, we often don’t truly appreciate how much of an impact this environment can have on our health. Certain details about our home, from the materials it’s made with to the way it’s decorated, can make your health better — or indeed, worse. 

A healthy home makes you and your family feel great. It’s also an attractive feature for potential buyers, meaning these upgrades could boost your home value down the line. Arbor Move Realtors wants to help you figure out how to make your home as health-boosting as possible. Let’s get started: 

Pre-Renovation Considerations 

Before you make any upgrades to your home, it’s important to think about the financial aspect of your plans. As we said above, ideal changes are those which both improve your quality of life and offer a decent return on investment. Speak with a real estate agent like the team at Arbor Move Realtors about changes you’re thinking of making to get a sense of whether or not they’ll boost your home’s value. This isn’t the sole reason to make (or not make) a change, but it can help you figure out what to prioritize and how to make your renovations work for you. 

Major Health and Safety Renovations

There are a few checks that every homeowner should make to ensure their home is safe. For example, if your home was built before 1974, you should have lead testing done to see if your paint contains this harmful metal. If it does, there are several ways to keep yourself and your family safe. 

Asbestos and radon are two cancer-causing substances that might be in your home. Older homes should be checked for asbestos and, if any is found, it should be professionally removed or sealed away. Many homes contain radon gas, which is odorless, colorless, and one of the leading causes of lung cancer. Radon tests are easy and inexpensive to perform, and radon mitigation systems are extremely effective at removing the gas if it’s a problem. Radon can appear at any time, so even if your test comes up negative, you should check every couple of years to make sure you’re still safe. 

Reducing Allergens 

Another great way to make your home easier on your health is to reduce allergens. One extremely effective way to do this is to replace (or just remove) old carpeting. The older a carpet is, the more dust and grime gets knocked into the air when it’s stepped on. Regular vacuuming and cleaning can reduce the amount of dust, but it will still accumulate over time. 

Dust also tends to collect in furniture. Reduce this by using dust covers on your couches and upholstered chairs. The covers are easy to remove and clean when needed, and they prevent allergens from embedding themselves into your surfaces. Also consider enlisting the help of professionals to clean your furniture. Check online for upholstery cleaning specials to fit within your budget, and call a handful of local, experienced companies that will come equipped with industrial-grade equipment and cleaning products to do the job right for a deep clean.

Mental Health Renovations 

Finally, the following renovations can go a long way toward improving mental health. One of the best tools for ensuring mood stability is to ensure you’re living in a space with plenty of natural light. Use blinds and curtains that let in as much light as possible, and consider decorating with mirrors. Reflective surfaces keep light bouncing through a space and can significantly increase brightness in a room. 

It’s also wise to create a calming, quiet space in your home. This can be a library or a meditation room. It can even be a garden or other outdoor space. What matters most is that it’s a peaceful place where you can rest your mind for a little while. Our minds spend so much time working through stress and to-do lists: This can be your refuge. 

Your environment might feel like background noise in your life, but it has a real impact on your health. These measures can go a long way toward improving your well-being and making your house a more inviting place for all! 

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Ann Arbor Condo Spotlight: The Walden Hills and Summit View condo communities are a great place to call home

Walden Hills & Summit View

Walden Hills is a thriving condominium complex on Ann Arbor’s west side. These condos range from 730 square feet to almost 1200 and some come with carport parking, but all come with some outside space, in the form of a balcony or patio, or enclosed balcony or patio. With a total number of units at 260, Walden Hills offers excellent leisure facilities including an indoor swimming pool, indoor sports courts, a sauna, and an exercise facility for its residents. The condos were constructed between the 1967 and 1972 and although a few have yet to be updated, the Walden Hills Condominiums offer an excellent balance of luxury and affordability. The 1 and 2 bedroom units are located in 3 story buildings set in well maintained, mature landscaped areas. These west side condos are located at Pauline and maple and a quick walk to Stadium and the University of Michigan Stadium.

Pauline blvd and Maple ave in Ann Arbor

View location here, in Google Maps:

The condos provide a comfortable living solution for those with busy schedules who need to be close to work or looking for an alternative commute option to downtown. These units are right on the bus lines and make it easy to great around, from student to professional. With so much within walking distance; grocery stores, fast food, restaurants, and a nice selection of microbreweries, this location is a win for most people, and very affordable.

The clubhouse offers an extensive array of opportunities to work or enjoy life. The pool offers both laps and fun spaces for the whole family. A clean and bright workout room is rarely crowded and the two ‘sports courts’ were originally racketball courts but have been used more recently for other ventures, like yoga and volleyball. Racketball is still an option, of course. The upstairs meeting space, has tables, couches and a fire place, as a nice gathering place on a cold night, or just a space to study or work that’s away from your home. This space overlooks the poor and could accommodate a larger number of people.

A rare and notable part of the Walden Hills condo community is the fact that it has on site staff. It’s not often that a condo community will have an office with a full time staff to manage the facility, but this one certainly does and the staff is friendly and helpful.

See all available units here:

The Walden Hills condo community is a great place to call home. You’ll have access to amenities that are perfect for your lifestyle, and you’ll never be too far from the heart of downtown Ann Arbor! If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, contact us today by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (734) 239-3796. We can help answer any questions you may have about living here and we would love to show you around during one of our tours!