9 Rules for Effectively Marketing Your Home

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A home that isn’t seen is a home that isn’t sold. Real estate marketing really boils down to that key point. When selling your home, you need to make sure that you’re putting your property in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Once you have their attention, your home will sell itself. We at The Arbor Move Team want to give you the 9 rules for marketing well and selling your property in a way that is guaranteed to draw potential buyers from all over the country!

-Rule 1: Make sure there are no dead trees or shrubs on any of your lawns – this could be considered hazardous by prospective homeowners if they’re not aware beforehand, so make an effort to clear them out before someone decides too late about purchasing it.   Rule 2: Mowing can sometimes seem like such a hassle but don’t let laziness get in the way; taking care of these things now means fewer headaches later down the road both financially and physically when mowing season rolls

1. Online Presence

The more eyes, the faster the sale. Gone are the days where simply sticking a For Sale sign in your yard sells you home. The internet is an incredible tool that has been used by millions of people to make their homes seen and sold all across America! Listing your property on MLS listings and marketing sites will go a long way for getting it noticed quickly- if not immediately purchased from online buyers who can’t even get enough time nor space to see everything they want during house hunting excursions around town with agents due to lack of time or availability. Reputable listing agent’s should have effective and well thought out websites which make browsing through properties easy as pie – making them essential tools for finding new places, just like Zillow Reputable listing agents should have an effective and well-thought out strategy for this, as well.

2. The Price Is Right (Or Is It?)

You may feel like your home is worth a lot, but you should never let that stop you from pricing it competitively. Buyers will find out if they would be overpaying as soon as they look for other homes in the area and see how much their prices are compared to others’. If yours isn’t priced well enough then there’s no need looking any further!

Pricing too low cuts into your bottom line, so be sure to do research before you set your price. It needs to be justifiable and an excellent “hook”.

3. Photos, Photos, and a Lot More Photos

The buyer wants to know as much about your home (inside especially) before they commit. The exterior is only a small part of the entire package and taking photos isn’t going to sell it.

The real estate agency says that not showing buyers how beautiful or useful something will render them less interested in buying property because there are so many other homes out there on the market for sale, which have more pictures than yours does! Take heed their warning- you risk losing potential clients if you don’t provide ample information through images!

Nowadays buyers are as short on time as you are, so they’ll resist any temptation to waste it. Consider professional photography as well and put that low-quality phone photo away.

4. Virtual Tours

The power of a video is undeniable. It can make those virtual tours come alive and give the buyer that sense that they’re really there in your home, exploring every inch without ever leaving their living room couch! Videos are so engaging and immersive because you get to see more than just photos from one angle – this way buyers feel like it’s them who have found the perfect new place for themselves or family members.

5. Print Advertising Isn’t Dead (Yet)

Open House sign

In the spirit of using every possible outlet to market your home, place a search for local print publications. There are several free papers (typically) that go out locally wherein you pay a small fee and they list a picture with brief description. You’d be surprised how many prospective buyers still head directly to their favorite neighborhood grocery store or convenience store in order to browse through them!

6. Direct Mail

Technology has changed the way people read and obtain information, but it also means we have to get creative. It is rare that someone will go online everyday or head to a local store for their favorite magazine; they’ll check their mailbox instead! When you do this at home, your house can be right in their hands – literally. To make sure you’re on top of things with direct mail campaigns, research options like those available from USPS Media Mail service .

7. Signage

A For Sale sign is one of the most important things to have when selling a home. Some buyers are just more traditional in their approach and choose to drive around looking for homes that are on sale. Having an attractive, well-kept “For Sale” sign will also get people’s attention who might be there visiting friends but want some fresh air or exercise with something new like checking out potential houses they may buy later down the line!

8. Curb Appeal

When a buyer looks up from the For Sale sign in front of your home, they see an attractive and inviting abode. It’s important to keep your house presentable for potential buyers at all times- you never know who is driving by on their way somewhere else or maybe just out for a quick “peek behind” before continuing down the road.

9. Open House

Following the previous 8 rules will hopefully begin to lead to an influx of buyer interest and more importantly, home showings. Be sure you have the right agent on your side that can show you how to stage your home for the individual viewings and to also assist you with pulling together an Open House. This allows several prospects to view the home and ask any questions they may have. Make this emotional in a good way. Light fragrance candles and play some relaxing music.

From “For Sale” To “Sold”

Following these 8 steps will hopefully lead you to a more plentiful of buyers and home showings. Be sure that the right agent is on your side, one who can help stage your house for individual viewings as well as pulling together an Open House where many prospects can see it at once. The benefits are two-fold: with so many people seeing it all in one place you get more questions answered than during just 1 showing, but also if someone likes what they see there’s always time to negotiate after everyone has gone!

When you’re ready for an experienced team of Ann Arbor Area experts to assist you, be sure to contact us at 734-239-3796 or Sales@ArborMove.com. We’re here to help sell your home fast and for more money!

The Tricks That Will Save You Money On Home Repairs

To DIY or not to DIY? Here’s how to decide

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with DIY projects. I know that there are plenty of things you can do yourself, but for some tasks–like plumbing or electrical work–you should hire someone who has the right credentials and experience to get it done correctly. The issue is when you don’t have either one on hand!  Even if your local hardware store stocks lots of different types of supplies, they may not be experts in certain areas like home wiring or AC repairs. It’s best to call up a professional before starting any project around household infrastructure so no matter how long those power outages last this winter (or spring), we’ll feel confident at least our homes won’t go dark too!

Replacing Hardware — Do It Yourself

You can add a fresh, new look to your home with just one trip to the hardware store. Replacing doorknobs and cabinet pulls is easy for anyone who knows how; you even have options like sparkly gold! Have fun browsing through tons of styles at stores near you today.

Replacing Roof Shingles — Hire a Professional

Unless you are a professional roofer and don’t have fear of heights, it’s better to leave this job for the professionals. They can fix your roof in significantly less time than if they were done by an inexperienced person like yourself -and still save from risk injury that could happen when working on high roofs!


Installing Ceiling Fans or Light Fixtures — It Depends

Aside from the wiring, you will need to buy a new ceiling fan or light for your living room. To install it yourself and make sure that everything works properly, just follow these simple steps:

1) Turn off power to circuit breaker before removing old fixture 

2) Unscrew electrical box in place of original fixture; use insulated wire cutters on wires inside

3) Connect white wire with black one/blue with brown (you can’t go wrong); twist together tightly like lacing up shoe lace

4 ) Replace cover plate over wires

5). Attach mounting bracket 6. Hang unit

However, if you want to add a ceiling fan or overhead light to a room that doesn’t have wiring already in place, you will need to hire an electrician. They will check to see if your home has sufficient amperage (and rewire the room if necessary), cut and patch drywall to install the fixture, and add a light switch.

Installing Major Appliances — Hire a Professional

When you’re buying a new appliance, it’s important to make sure that the size and function of your current appliances are compatible with what you want. For example, if one person will be cooking much more than another in your household but they don’t have access to an oven then adding a stove may not be practical. Sometimes people find themselves using their dishwasher as storage space because there is no other place for dishes or pots and pans in their kitchen so installing shelving could help maximize efficiency while also reducing clutter from overflowing cupboards. This list goes on and could mean the difference between living comfortably without being cramped versus feeling like things just never get clean!

A professional installation service can ensure that everything works properly before completing any work which saves time

Adding a Backsplash — Do It Yourself

Adding wall tile to your kitchen or bathroom is a project that anyone can do. All you need are the supplies from home improvement stores including mortar, cutters for tiles, and of course the choice in design! Make sure to prepare all materials before starting so there’s no waiting time after installation.

It may seem like an intimidating task at first glance but adding more decoration by layering on some beautiful designs onto your walls with tiles will be easy as pie when it comes down to laying them out and letting everything dry

Adding Granite or Quartz Countertops — Hire a Professional

Upgrading your countertops is an exciting and worthwhile process. It can be a little intimidating at first, but once you know what to do it should come with ease! If the weight of these materials concerns you because your cabinets cannot support them, hire professionals who have experience in this area so that they are able to cut the material precisely for installation without any problems occurring during or after installation.

Upgrading your kitchen counters can involve some meticulous work on behalf of both installer and homeowner alike; however don’t let that reduce its appeal as there are many benefits associated with upgrading from laminate/solid surface counters (especially if old). The most important thing to consider when purchasing new granite or quartz slabs is ensuring adequate storage space – where

Need Recommended Service Providers?

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, we can connect you with trusted contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other professionals who can save you time and money on your home improvements. Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide recommendations!