Most People Don’t Know About These Strange Ruins Hiding In Detroit

It’s no secret that Detroit is home to its fair share of abandoned buildings and long-closed public spaces. Whether you’re driving past Michigan Central Station or checking out photos of the once-bustling Grande Ballroom, reminders of the city’s past are omnipresent. Tucked away on the city’s iconic island park, though, is a true sight to behold: the sad yet fascinating remnants of a zoo. You’ll want to learn more about these spectacular and strange ruins in Detroit.

Please note: the abandoned Belle Isle Zoo is located on private property. Please do not trespass.

Did you and your loved ones visit this now-closed zoo on Belle Isle during its operational years? Perhaps your older family members remember visiting the Detroit Children’s Zoo in its heyday. These strange ruins in Detroit were once home to delightful memories and we always love to hear from you, so share your experiences with us in the Facebook comments. To recommend another unique abandoned place in Detroit, fill out our official nomination form.

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