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7 Places Where You Can Still Experience Old Detroit

Modern Detroit is full of hustle, bustle, and constant movement. From our lively downtown area to the pretty shores of the Detroit River, there’s always something to keep you entertained here in the Motor City. While we love the many perks and conveniences of 21st-century life, there’s something to be said for revisiting a wholly different past. For a sense of what our hometown was like during generations past, check out these seven spots that still offer a taste of “old Detroit.”

So, there you have it: a handful of destinations where you can still experience old Detroit in all its glory. While we can never return to the past, we can certainly celebrate it – and these spots make it easy to embrace the history of our beloved city. Did we leave any other must-see places off our list? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a Facebook comment or make an official recommendation by completing our nomination form here.

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