7 Tips for Preparing for Your Next Move

You might think that once you find your perfect Michigan home, all of the hard work is done. However, you couldn’t be more wrong because your next move is right around the corner, and we all know how stressful moving can be. Even though it’s wonderful to think about the possibilities when you settle into a new home with a blank slate and brand-new experiences, there’s still a lot of work ahead of you. Unfortunately, no shortcut button would allow you to jump to the point where you’ve already moved into your new home, and everything is unpacked. Preparing for your next move and going through the moving process is something you can’t avoid. But there are ways to make it easier, and in this article, that’s exactly what we’ll help you with.

Preparing for your next move? Here are pro tips to help you make it smooth and stress-free

As you already know, moving is all but fun. Sure, there are plenty of positive aspects to look forward to. For instance, it’s always a good idea to remember the excitement of relocating to a new place – a new home, apartment, city, or even nation! But the relocation process itself can be so overwhelming that it can put up a dark cloud over your entire experience.

A happy couple packing their belongings into cardboard boxes for their move.
Your next move can be stress-free and easy if you start preparing in advance.

Caption: Your next move can be stress-free and easy if you start preparing in advance.
Alt-tag: A happy couple packing their belongings into cardboard boxes for their move.

Most people don’t realize that you can have an easy and stress-free experience if you start preparing for your next move on time. In fact, as soon as your experienced Michigan Realtor® helps you find the home of your dreams, you should start planning your next steps. And to help you do that, here are seven simple tips we’ve gathered from moving industry pros. 

#1 Moving checklist is a must

The first step in your moving preparations should be making a moving checklist. Although it may seem tedious, a moving checklist is effective and truly does the trick. Writing or typing your to-do list will help you commit it to memory, saving you time by preventing you from wasting it attempting to recall what has to be done. This is extremely useful if you’re moving abroad or even preparing for a long distance move within Michigan.

Here are just some of the examples of what you should put on your checklist:

  • Contact utility companies to arrange service termination and/or service transfer to your new home.
  • Organize mail forwarding.
  • Gather moving supplies and packing materials.
  • Anything you don’t want to forget to do or pick up

You can simply cross off each item as you finish it to keep on track. Plus, you’ll feel more productive when you see your list slowly shrinking as you approach your moving day.

#2 Set a moving budget

Even though moving might be expensive, if you make an effort to budget correctly, you can even save money. Setting a realistic budget will help you know how much you can afford. For instance, you’ll be able to determine whether you can afford a full-service relocation or must perform a DIY move. Your move won’t cost you more than you can afford if you have a reasonable moving budget.

Caption: One of the most important steps when preparing for your next move is to set a realistic budget.
Alt-tag: A person typing on a laptop with a calculator and a coffee mug next to it.

A person typing on a laptop with a calculator and a coffee mug next to it.
One of the most important steps when preparing for your next move is to set a realistic budget.

#3 Declutter your belongings

Moving gives you a perfect excuse to go through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Packing everything may seem like a simple solution, but transferring all your belongings to your new home may quickly feel congested.

Instead, get rid of things you won’t likely need any longer because doing so can save you a ton of time and even money. For example, you can sell your extras online or even organize a yard sale. That’s a great way to boost your moving budget, especially if you’re already struggling to make it work. 

#4 Research and hire reputable movers

If your budget allows you, it’s time to start looking for movers. After all, the whole process will be that much easier if you rely on expert help. This is especially true if you’re in for long distance moving in Michigan or even more so if you’re moving out of state.

Begin by asking friends and family for recommendations. Before making a choice, get and compare quotes from different moving companies. It would be best if you did not rush this decision, so take your time until you’ve found the right team to assist you.

#5 Gather packing supplies and materials

Once you declutter and sort your belongings, you’ll have a much more precise notion of how much you need to move. That means it’s time to start gathering packing supplies and materials. Make sure you get extra moving boxes. The last thing you want to do is scramble to find or buy more on packing day. That would only add more stress to the process. 

#6 Disassemble all your beds and furniture

For a simpler transfer to your new home, we strongly advise disassembling all furniture pieces and beds. Especially if you employ a moving company. Even while the movers can do everything for you, if this is something you can handle yourself, you’ll save so much time and money. Furthermore, your movers might appreciate your assistance as well.

Remember, your beds and furniture must be taken apart before being loaded into the moving van. So if you can finish this task before the movers get there, it will take them less time to complete it at your house.

#7 Make sure your new place is waiting for you clean

If you have access to your new home before the move-in day, consider completing a thorough cleaning there. Of course, only if it isn’t already spotless while everything is excellent and empty.

Happy couple holding a laptop while sitting on a couch surrounded by moving boxes after moving into their new home.

You can relax more knowing your new home is waiting for you, clean and move-in ready.

Caption: You can relax more knowing your new home is waiting for you, clean and move-in ready.
Alt-tag: Happy couple holding a laptop while sitting on a couch surrounded by moving boxes after moving into their new home.

With so many people coming in and out after the move, you will need to clean a little bit again, but it’s ideal to have done it once before so you can immediately start unpacking. During your relocation, you can already store items like kitchen utensils. Also, you should make sure the cabinets and drawers are immaculate.

Good luck preparing for your next move!

We hope our article made preparing for your next move much easier and less stressful. And if you’re still looking for that perfect Michigan home to move to, don’t wait! Take advantage of the current housing market and start searching even today. Better yet, reach out to a knowledgeable Michigan Realtor® who’ll help you every step of the way and ensure you find a property that fits all your wants and needs. 

Homebuyers Are Increasingly Backing Out of Deals as Slowing Market Boosts Negotiating Power

Originally published on: August 16, 2022 by Lily Katz and Sebastian Sandoval-Olascoaga from REDFIN. Original article here: https://www.redfin.com/news/home-purchases-fall-through-july-2022/

About 63,000 home-purchase agreements were called off in July, equal to 16% of homes that went under contract that month. That’s the highest rate in more than two years.

Nationwide, roughly 63,000 home-purchase agreements fell through in July, equal to 16.1% of homes that went under contract that month. That’s the highest percentage on record with the exception of March and April 2020, when the onset of the coronavirus pandemic brought the housing market to a near standstill. It’s up from a revised rate of 15% one month earlier and 12.5% one year earlier.

This is according to a Redfin analysis of MLS data going back through 2017. Please note that homes that fell out of contract during a given month didn’t necessarily go under contract the same month. For example, a home that fell out of contract in July could have gone under contract in June. This data is subject to revision.

The housing market is slowing as higher mortgage rates sideline many prospective homebuyers. With competition declining, the house hunters who are still in the market are enjoying newfound bargaining power—a stark contrast from last year, when they often had to pull out every stop in order to win. Today’s buyers are more likely to utilize contract contingencies that allow them to back out without financial penalty if something goes wrong. And with an increasing number of homes to choose from, they’re also more likely to call a deal off if a seller refuses to bring the price down or make requested repairs—a situation that has become increasingly common given that sellers are still adjusting to the cooling market.

“Homes are sitting on the market longer now, so buyers realize they have more options and more room to negotiate. They’re asking for repairs, concessions and contingencies, and if sellers say no, they’re backing out and moving on because they’re confident they can find something better,” said Heather Kruayai, a Redfin real estate agent in Jacksonville, FL. “Buyers are also skittish because they’re afraid a potential recession could cause home prices to drop. They don’t want to end up in a situation where they purchase a home and it’s worth $200,000 less in two years, so some are opting to wait in hopes of buying when prices are lower.”

Alexis Malin, another Redfin agent in Jacksonville, warns that there’s no guarantee buyers will be able to find better deals in the future. Annual home-price growth has started to slow—to 8% today from 17% a year ago—but prices are still on the rise and Redfin economists don’t expect them to crash.

“Some buyers who are backing out of deals have this mindset that the market is crashing and they’ll be able to get a home for $100,000 less in six months. That’s not necessarily the case,” she said. “Homes in many parts of Florida are still selling for a pretty penny, so I warn my buyers that the grass might not actually be greener on the other side.”

Some buyers may also be backing out due to 5%-plus mortgage rates. Those who started their search months ago, when rates were closer to 3%, may be realizing the type of home they wanted before is now out of budget since monthly mortgage payments have soared nearly 40% year over year. 

“Home-purchase cancellations may begin to taper off as sellers get used to a slower-paced market,” said Redfin Deputy Chief Economist Taylor Marr. “Sellers have already begun to lower their prices after putting their homes on the market. They’ll likely start pricing their properties lower from the get-go and become increasingly open to negotiations.”

Jacksonville and Las Vegas Have Highest Rate of Home-Purchase Cancellations 

In Jacksonville, roughly 800 home-purchase agreements were called off in July, equal to 29.3% of homes that went under contract that month. That’s the highest percentage among the 93 U.S. metropolitan areas Redfin analyzed. Next came Las Vegas (27.4%), Lakeland, FL (26.2%), New Orleans (25.9%), San Antonio (25%), Orlando, FL (24.5%), Palm Bay, FL (24.5%), Deltona, FL (24%), Atlanta (23.7%) and Pensacola, FL (23.6%). Metros must have had at least 1,000 pending home sales in July to be included. Scroll down for a table including data on all 93 metros.

Six of the top 10 metros are in Florida. Florida exploded in popularity among homebuyers during the pandemic, and has also seen among the highest price growth in the nation. That’s causing competition to slow, meaning more buyers are negotiating—and backing out if sellers aren’t giving them what they want. In Orlando, 37.4% of home offers written by Redfin agents faced competition in July, down from 81.4% a year earlier—the largest year-over-year decline among metros analyzed by Redfin.

“The last four buyers I’ve worked with have all backed out of deals,” Malin said. “One of my clients asked the seller for money to cover the home being repainted. The seller said no at first, so my buyer canceled the contract, but the seller then changed their mind and repainted the whole house. My buyer still walked away because he decided he didn’t love the home that much after all and he knew he had other options.”

Malin continued: “Another one of my buyers recently backed out of a deal because the home needed a new roof and the listing agent said they weren’t sure that was possible. My buyer didn’t want to deal with the trouble and decided they preferred a move-in ready home.”

Kruayai, the other Jacksonville agent, advises her sellers to make sure their homes are in tip-top condition and stand out from the crowd given the increased likelihood of buyers backing out. That means fixing missing shingles, faulty electrical boxes and other issues buyers might catch, and being open to negotiations. 

Newark, NJ had the lowest rate of deal cancellations. About 75 home-purchase agreements fell through in July, equal to 2.7% of homes that went under contract that month. It was followed by Omaha, NE (4.9%), Nassau County, NY (5.9%), Rochester, NY (6.9%) and New York, NY (7.1%).

Metro-Level Summary: July 2022

The table below measures pending sales that fell out of contract as a percentage of overall pending sales, and is sorted from highest to lowest. A metro must have had at least 1,000 pending home sales in July 2022 to be included.

U.S. Metro AreaPending Sales that Fell Out of Contract, as % of Overall Pending Sales
Jacksonville, FL29.3%
Las Vegas, NV27.4%
Lakeland, FL26.2%
New Orleans, LA25.9%
San Antonio, TX25.0%
Orlando, FL24.5%
Palm Bay, FL24.5%
Deltona, FL24.0%
Atlanta, GA23.7%
Pensacola, FL23.6%
Port St. Lucie, FL23.4%
Cape Coral, FL23.3%
Phoenix, AZ22.9%
Tampa, FL22.7%
Oklahoma City, OK22.7%
Houston, TX22.5%
Fort Lauderdale, FL21.9%
Fort Worth, TX21.7%
Miami, FL21.6%
West Palm Beach, FL21.3%
Dallas, TX21.2%
Tucson, AZ21.2%
Little Rock, AR20.7%
Riverside, CA20.6%
Salt Lake City, UT20.3%
Memphis, TN19.5%
Birmingham, AL19.1%
Austin, TX18.8%
Myrtle Beach, SC18.5%
North Port, FL18.4%
Boise, ID18.1%
Los Angeles, CA18.0%
Albuquerque, NM18.0%
Tulsa, OK17.9%
Cleveland, OH17.9%
Knoxville, TN17.8%
Louisville, KY17.8%
Nashville, TN17.2%
Indianapolis, IN17.2%
Tacoma, WA17.2%
Columbus, OH17.0%
Gary, IN16.9%
Akron, OH16.9%
New Haven, CT16.9%
Sacramento, CA16.5%
Anaheim, CA16.4%
Virginia Beach, VA16.3%
Chicago, IL16.1%
Lake County, IL15.9%
Greenville, SC15.9%
Charleston, SC15.7%
Detroit, MI15.7%
San Diego, CA15.5%
Dayton, OH15.4%
Albany, NY15.3%
Portland, OR15.2%
Elgin, IL15.2%
Chattanooga, TN14.2%
Camden, NJ14.1%
Cincinnati, OH14.1%
Richmond, VA14.0%
Bridgeport, CT14.0%
Pittsburgh, PA13.9%
Charlotte, NC13.9%
Providence, RI13.8%
Hartford, CT13.7%
St. Louis, MO13.4%
Worcester, MA13.4%
Denver, CO13.4%
Kansas City, MO13.3%
Warren, MI13.3%
Des Moines, IA13.2%
Baltimore, MD12.8%
Washington, D.C.12.1%
Boston, MA12.0%
Philadelphia, PA11.3%
Seattle, WA11.0%
Frederick, MD10.5%
Minneapolis, MN10.4%
Raleigh, NC10.3%
Oakland, CA9.6%
Grand Rapids, MI9.6%
San Jose, CA9.5%
Colorado Springs, CO9.0%
Milwaukee, WI8.8%
Montgomery County, PA8.6%
Buffalo, NY8.5%
New Brunswick, NJ7.5%
New York, NY7.1%
Rochester, NY6.9%
Nassau County, NY5.9%
Omaha, NE4.9%
Newark, NJ2.7%

Note from Middy: This headline is deceiving. I believe, from my experience in the field, the buyers were buying quickly and forcibly, then second guessed their decision, as the dust cleared. It felt like, and was, panic buying, and they backed out of the contracts before the inspection period was over. This happened more than we have ever seen it happen, but the buyers were offering everything but their first born and finding themselves very exposed, and with that it was understandable that this would be the outcome.

  • Middy Matthews, Realtor with the Arbor Move Team

Ann Arbor Condo Spotlight: The Walden Hills and Summit View condo communities are a great place to call home

Walden Hills & Summit View

Walden Hills is a thriving condominium complex on Ann Arbor’s west side. These condos range from 730 square feet to almost 1200 and some come with carport parking, but all come with some outside space, in the form of a balcony or patio, or enclosed balcony or patio. With a total number of units at 260, Walden Hills offers excellent leisure facilities including an indoor swimming pool, indoor sports courts, a sauna, and an exercise facility for its residents. The condos were constructed between the 1967 and 1972 and although a few have yet to be updated, the Walden Hills Condominiums offer an excellent balance of luxury and affordability. The 1 and 2 bedroom units are located in 3 story buildings set in well maintained, mature landscaped areas. These west side condos are located at Pauline and maple and a quick walk to Stadium and the University of Michigan Stadium.

Pauline blvd and Maple ave in Ann Arbor

View location here, in Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/iBn17zuNaGyyn3vF9

The condos provide a comfortable living solution for those with busy schedules who need to be close to work or looking for an alternative commute option to downtown. These units are right on the bus lines and make it easy to great around, from student to professional. With so much within walking distance; grocery stores, fast food, restaurants, and a nice selection of microbreweries, this location is a win for most people, and very affordable.

The clubhouse offers an extensive array of opportunities to work or enjoy life. The pool offers both laps and fun spaces for the whole family. A clean and bright workout room is rarely crowded and the two ‘sports courts’ were originally racketball courts but have been used more recently for other ventures, like yoga and volleyball. Racketball is still an option, of course. The upstairs meeting space, has tables, couches and a fire place, as a nice gathering place on a cold night, or just a space to study or work that’s away from your home. This space overlooks the poor and could accommodate a larger number of people.

A rare and notable part of the Walden Hills condo community is the fact that it has on site staff. It’s not often that a condo community will have an office with a full time staff to manage the facility, but this one certainly does and the staff is friendly and helpful.

See all available units here: https://search.arbormove.com/search/results/WaldenHillsSummitView

The Walden Hills condo community is a great place to call home. You’ll have access to amenities that are perfect for your lifestyle, and you’ll never be too far from the heart of downtown Ann Arbor! If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, contact us today by filling out our online form or giving us a call at (734) 239-3796. We can help answer any questions you may have about living here and we would love to show you around during one of our tours!

Arlington Place Ann Arbor Condos: Serene Wooded Views, Great Location

The Arlington Place condominiums offer a tranquil setting and an easy commute to work, school, or the hospital. The wooded views and proximity to Mallet’s Creek make this Ann Arbor condo community desirable for anyone looking for peace in their home.

This is not your average cookie-cutter housing development! You’ll find that each unit has been carefully designed with the individual needs of owners in mind – from full living space on one level (no stairs!) to beautifully landscaped grounds with lots of walking trails. Every detail has been meticulously planned out so you can enjoy life worry-free every day at our luxury condos near downtown Ann Arbor.


For those who want to live in a quiet community while still having easy access to the city, Arlington Place condos are perfect for you! With Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble just down the street as well as tons of shops nearby, your days will be filled with plenty of fun. But if that’s not enough entertainment for you then don’t worry because Ann Arbor is only about 20 minutes away on foot or 5 minutes by car so there will always something new waiting right around the corner.

Arlington Place is a hidden gem for those who want to have the convenience of city living without all the noise. It’s only 10 minutes away from downtown Ann Arbor, but once you are there you feel like it is miles away from any other person in this community that has 55 foot tall trees and serene views with waterfalls cascading down into Mallet’s Creek below your balcony. You can go right outside on one side of Arlington Place and explore nature or walk out opposite door if looking for entertainment at night life venues nearby!


Arlington Place is a community of 56 ranch style condos with 1000-1200 square feet. Residents will find 2-3 bedrooms and attached garages for parking their cars, while the property offers private balconies overlooking Mallet’s creek wooded nature area. The association fees range from $250-$300/month to cover lawn care and landscaping, snow removal, building insurance among other amenities like water & sewer!

Additional Details:

  • Secured entries with intercom system
  • Attached garages
  • Master bedroom suites
  • Wooded views
  • Walk to shopping, restaurants and more
  • On the bus line

Interested in knowing what’s for sale right no? Check now:


Interested in selling your condo? Contact us to get started: SELL MY CONDO