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Michigan Has An Entire Museum Dedicated To Telephones And It’s As Awesome As You’d Think

Whether or not you’re a full-blown history buff, there’s something undeniably fun about setting foot inside a quirky and educational museum. Most of us associate museums with expensive art pieces or even incredible fossils, but one fun spot here in the Great Lakes State stands out in the most wonderful way. As you look for […]

There’s A Delicious Restaurant Hiding Inside This Unique Michigan Barn That’s Begging For A Visit

When you’re feeling hungry, the list of restaurants to try here in the Great Lakes State is seemingly endless. You might opt for an upscale seafood restaurant, a tiny waterfront cafe, or a chain eatery that satisfies your every craving. If you’d like to try something truly original, though, one barn restaurant in Michigan certainly […]

It’s Impossible To Forget These 5 Horrific Winter Storms That Have Gone Down In Michigan History

Whether you’re a fan of winter weather or you’re constantly counting down the days until springtime, there’s no denying that snowstorms can wreak major havoc on life here in the Great Lakes State. When temperatures plummet and roads are coated with ice, it’s tough to escape the extreme forces of Mother Nature. As the seasons […]

The Most Delicious Michigan Road Trip Takes You To 8 Hole-In-The-Wall Coney Restaurants

If there’s one thing we know to be true about Michiganders, it’s that we love our coney dogs. After all, this regional classic simply tastes like home, whether we’re frequent coney consumers or occasional indulgers. While coney dogs are most often associated with Metro Detroit, we’re happy to inform you that there are coney restaurants […]