The Benefits of Accessing Pre-MLS Listings in Ann Arbor

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When trying to sell or buy a property, it is essential to take full advantage of everything at your disposal. Even just boosting the price of your property a little, or lowering the cost of a property you are interested in by a marginal amount, can be of enormous help in the end. And one of the best things to use is pre-MLS listings! So let’s take a closer look at the benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor.

What does pre-MLS mean?

Before we discuss the benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor, we must fully understand the term. In short, ‘pre-MLS’ is the period before a property is officially listed on the market. It is marketed to a limited group of real estate agents during this period. Often those associated with a particular agency. The actual worth of working with a real estate agent shows here perfectly. Because without the connections a realtor brings to the table, it is almost impossible to access pre-MLS listings. ‘Pre-MLS’ listings are sometimes called ‘coming soon listings’ or ‘pre-marketing listings,’ which does a slightly better job conveying what they are.

 However, not that those pre-MLS listings are not all too common. And it is not guaranteed that every realtor you work with will have access to them. Still, you can at least rest assured they’re present in Ann Arbor!

The benefits for buyers

The first to make an offer

The first of the benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor as a buyer is a fact that you have the chance to be the first to make an offer once the listing does go live. Other people would have to first discover the property, then view it, and finally settle on whether or not they are interested in it. Meanwhile, you would already have an offer in! You might even be well on convincing the seller to close early. Of course, this also means you will have a chance to better examine the property. Learn about it, and even request relevant home inspections if you feel compelled to do it. And you should, especially if it’s your first time buying a home and you don’t know what to look out for.

Potential for a private deal

Of course, another of the potential benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor is that it might not be necessary for the property to go up on regular listings. Sometimes, if you approach the seller, it may be possible to come to an understanding that will see you purchase the property early. Remember that you would typically need to make a rather impressive offer to convince them to close a sale so early. After all, they would give up on the prospect that competition might drive the price even higher.

A better grasp of what’s on offer

Knowing what the upcoming listings are can sometimes be invaluable. People can give up on relatively decent properties they like just in the hope that something nicer might show up. If you can, with complete certainty, tell that won’t be happening, then you can make yourself follow through with a purchase. Even if it’s not perfectly ideal for your needs, sometimes picking up a good deal is preferable to ignoring it and going for an even worse option. Of course, if you can afford to wait, this is not as big of a concern.

The benefits for sellers

A faster sale

One of the essential benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor as a seller is a potential to find an ideal buyer faster. In a way, this is somewhat similar to the previous buyer scenario. However, there is an essential shift in control here. As a buyer, you are reliant on the decisions of the seller. As the seller, the ball is in your court. And if you need to close a deal quickly, such as trying to sell during the off-season at the end of the year, you can. That might mean losing out on some potential profits, though, so it is typically not recommended.

Getting a feel for current market interest

Getting your property on the pre-MLS listing will let you gauge what people think about it early. That is especially useful if you plan on selling a fixer-upper or a property with some minor issues. The current demand, focus on the quality of the properties, etc. They all show in the potential buyer’s response to your property. If the response is particularly bad, you should consider taking the listing down and at least doing some light renovation before trying again. That would also give you more time to plan, such as moving to Michigan from another state and looking for interstate movers to find expert help. Just try to avoid spending too much on renovations in such a scenario! If you go over your budget, nothing good will happen, and you’d unlikely earn that money back.

Getting the word out

Of course, if you have a genuinely competitive property, then the last of the benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor is drumming up interest in it early. Even if your property is not the most competitive, it’s still lovely to rouse some interest in advance. It would let you ensure that more potential buyers visit you! And, in turn, this might boost competitiveness over your property at least a little. Which would help it sell better and go a long way toward helping you fund the purchase of your ideal home in Ann Arbor. So long as you don’t rush the sale in this scenario, you should be golden.

Final Comment

Now that you understand the benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor, it should be evident that you need to work with a realtor who can get you this perk. Otherwise, you’d lose out on constructive house sale and purchase strategies.

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Learn about the benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor to decide if you want to work with a realtor who offers this perk!


benefits of accessing pre-MLS listings in Ann Arbor

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