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Living in Michigan: 101

Michigan is a great place to live, work and play. The affordable cost of living combined with an active lifestyle make it one state that you won’t want to miss out on! Michigan has more freshwater shoreline than any other location in the entire U-S – not even close second by its fabulous lakes which are also full schedule destinations for water sport enthusiasts from all over America.

Michigan is a place where people can find everything from urban excitement to nature’s great outdoors. The state has two peninsulas, surrounded by four Great Lakes which offer more freshwater shoreline than anywhere else in America!

Michigan, with its outdoor activities on one side of the state or another, is a great place to reside. There are plenty more opportunities for adventure seekers in Michigan than just exploring nature–the population has been able take advantage by boating across these lakes which contain some freshwater shorelines unmatched anywhere else!

We sell houses and condos here every day. Ask us about the areas, neighborhoods, condo associations, we are here to help.

Michigan not only is a magical place to live, we have resources to make living affordable and obtainable. We personally have some wonderful relationships with lenders which help us to create a great pipeline to information for you, to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s a great resource web site link for Michigan residents:

I know many parents or soon to be parents will be interested in the school system here. While I can’t give you my personal opinion (and why would you want it, I only can tell you about my experience and the three schools my child attended) I can direct you to information so you can make informed choices for you and your family. Here’s a good link to schools in the area, ratings, and information:

As long as we are talking about schools, here’s a direct link to college financial aid:

Housing Purchase Assistance

Sometimes you’re ready, or you think you’re ready, but you are missing a little something, like enough down payment to get you to the closing table. We have resources that can help. Take a look at these links, with the Michigan MSHDA down payment assistance program, you’re on your way:

but there’s more than you think. A basic home owners assistance is up to $7500 what is essentially a second mortgage on your home, with no interest, that you don’t ever have to pay back unless you sell.

MI Home Loan Mortgage

We can connect you with a local lender who’s well versed in these loans, just reach out.

or contact us in WhatsApp:

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