Property Preview: 3034 Baker Road, Dexter, Mi

I was dying to tour this property, so I stopped in today. My clients were considering this home but had hesitations due to location and distance from work. It made sense to take a look for them to see if it was worth the time for them to come and view it. Sometimes a picture isn’t worth 1000 words, if deceiving and not helpful in determining the things that would be important to someone. I stopped into the property to see why it’s been on the market for a month and to view it’s proximity to downtown and the busy road. Why waste anyone’s time if they don’t want something? I’ve been to enough properties with my client to know what she’s going to like and what would be a waste of time for her to see.

In this case, take a look at my video and see if you can determine if we ended up going to see this property together or not.

Well? What are your thoughts? Interested in buying property in the southwest Michigan area? Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan, Ypsilanti, Brighton, and more? I’m happy to help. Please reach out to me, Middy Matthews at or phone/text me at 734-239-3796 or visit our web site at:

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