This Epic Road Trip Leads To 7 Iconic Landmarks In Michigan

Are you ready to embrace the wonders of Michigan, both natural and manmade? Our beloved state is home to all sorts of impressive landmarks, whether you’re partial to outdoor attractions, unique buildings, or something in between. If you’re eager to explore a handful of the most iconic and fascinating destinations here in the Great Lakes State, we’ve got you covered. Take a spin along our Michigan landmarks road trip.

Note: for the sake of driving time, we recommend tackling this trip over the course of a long weekend or even extending it into a full vacation to make the most of your adventure. To access an editable version of our route map, click here.

Have you and your loved ones checked out any of the places on our Michigan landmarks road trip? We know our list only scratches the surface, so let us know what we should include in our future articles. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a Facebook comment or make an official recommendation by completing our nomination form here.

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